Acer TravelMate P645-M 14 inch Laptop 12 Mth Wty (Factory Refurbished)

Acer TravelMate P645-M 14 inch Laptop 12 Mth Wty (Factory Refurbished)

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Acer NX.V8RSA.003-RFB Description:

Acer TravelMate P645-M 14 inch Notebook Laptop - i5-4210U 1.70GHz, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD, Win10 Pro, 12 Mth Wty (Factory Refurbished)


Acer TravelMate P645-M 14 inch

Top-Of-The-Line-Performance For Work

All seasoned professionals demand the best tools of their trade. Tailors seek the sharpest scissors, while carpenters desire the most robust chisels. You seek a top-notch notebook that maximizes your productivity at work– meet the TravelMate P6 series.

Serious equipment, serious work

A great laptop that’s durable, secure, powerful, light, and can last the whole day.

Ultimate performance

Secure, powerful, light, and long-lasting with strong wireless connections to accommodate off-site meetings and constant business travel.

Advanced Productivity

A powerful platform and up to 8-hour battery life deliver a computer that keeps up with you and lasts the working day.

Built to Last

Innovative use of materials means that the TravelMate P6 is light and durable – ideal for on-the-go people.


Tough and Light Construction

The TravelMate P648 comes with a sturdy Al-MG alloy chassis to ensure it can withstand daily knocks and bumps, while the carbon fibre cover is durable and lightweight.

Type in Comfort

An ergonomic backlit keyboard with ample key travel means that you can type accurately, even in low-light environments.



Backlit Keyboard

For those instances where light is not ideal, you can still get your work done thanks to the keyboard backlight, which helps you see the keys at all times.

Comprehensive Manageability

Acer ControlCenter places crucial functions and utilities into a single, fast-access panel.

Keep in Contact

When you’re out on the road, you need to be in touch with your office to ensure you have up-to-date information.



Acer NX.V8RSA.003-RFB Specifications:

Brand Acer
Product Type Notebook
Screen Size 14 inch
Screen Resolution WXGA (1280x800)
CPU Intel® i5-4210U 1.70GHz Dual Core
Memory 4GB RAM
Storage 120GB SSD
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Warranty 12 Months